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Senior Dog Care

September 15, 2023

Is your dog a senior? As your canine companion ages, you’ll need to adjust his care needs accordingly. Fido won’t be as active as he once was, and he’ll need some extra care and attention. A Brantford, ON veterinarian offers a few tips on keeping your furry buddy happy and healthy in this article.


Obesity is a big problem—literally—with older dogs. Fido may pack on extra pounds easily, as he won’t be as active as he once was. Pay close attention to portion sizes, and don’t go overboard on treats. Your vet will be able to advise you on when and how to make the change to senior-formula food.

Exercising A Senior Dog

Over time, Fido’s workouts will need to change. Your furry best friend may still enjoy running and playing, but you’ll need to take care not to let him overexert himself. Older dogs also shouldn’t jump or ‘stand’ on their back legs too much: it’s hard on their hips. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Veterinary Care

Your four-legged buddy will benefit from more frequent veterinary appointments as he ages. You’ll also want to watch for signs of common medical problems developing. Some of these include arthritis, loss of vision and hearing, and diabetes. Follow your vet’s recommended appointment schedule, and call us right away if you notice anything off.


You may need to adjust your dog’s beauty regimen a bit. If you bathe Fido in the tub, put mats down to prevent slipping. If your canine pal seems to have trouble getting in and out of the tub, it may be a good idea to bring him to a groomer. Keep up with your pet’s claw trims, and also with his dental care.

Keep Fido Comfortable

Small touches can help keep your canine buddy comfortable. A good bed is a must. We recommend orthopedic ones, as they offer great support. You’ll also want to be more cautious about protecting your pooch from heat and cold. Older dogs are quite sensitive to extreme weather: Fido will get chilly faster when it’s cold, and will overheat quickly in summer.


One thing that won’t change over time? Fido’s love for you. Older dogs often become very sweet and lovable. Your faithful pooch may be more interested in collecting belly rubs than running after squirrels. Pay lots of attention to your furry friend.

As your local Brantford, ON veterinary clinic, we’re dedicated to providing top-notch veterinary care. Contact us anytime

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