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Dog Walking Safety Tips

August 1, 2023

Does your canine buddy get super excited when you pick up his leash? Walks aren’t just important for sanitary reasons: they also help keep Fido fit, and offer him some mental stimulation. Just be sure to put safety first! A local Brantford, ON vet offers a few safety tips in this article.

Get A Good Leash

Fido will need a good leash. Choose one that won’t snap if he pulls on it. A comfy collar or harness that fits well is also a must. Retractable leashes are very popular, but keep in mind that they can be dangerous in some situations. For instance, your pooch could get wrapped up with another dog. Ask your vet for advice on this.

Stay Alert

Do you like to listen to podcasts when walking Fido? Don’t turn the volume up too loud: you need to hear what’s happening around you. Also, keep eyes on your canine pal the whole time.


If your pup doesn’t know how to heel, take time to teach him. This can be dangerous, especially if Fido tends to pull ahead of you as you’re crossing roads, parking lot entrances and exits, and driveways.

Watch Your Footing

Keep an eye on the terrain as you are walking. Steer your furry friend around things like broken glass, trash, and other potential hazards. In cold weather, wear boots or shoes with good tread.

Bring Necessities

Even if you’re just going around the block, you should always have your phone with you. Other things you may want to bring along include water, waste baggies, and spare keys. 

Use Caution At Night

Taking Fido out after dark? Your pooch should have reflective gear on. You may want to get a leash with a flashlight. You’ll also want to wear something that’s quite visible yourself. As a general rule of thumb, it’s also best to keep night walks short and sweet. 

Curb Curb Snacking

Keep an eye on Fido. If he tries to pick something off the ground, immediately tell him to Leave It or Drop It. If he doesn’t know these commands, it’s not a bad idea to teach him.

Road Position

Headed down the side of a road? Keep Fido on the outside. Also, walk towards oncoming traffic if you can.

Do you have questions about your dog’s health or care? Contact us, your Brantford, ON pet clinic, today!

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