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Kitty Meowpulation Tactics

March 16, 2023

Is your cat quite vocal and talkative? Or is your pet more of a quiet type? Just like people, kitties all have their own voices. Some are little chatterboxes, and others just don’t have much to say.  A Jarvis, ON vet discusses the meow below.


Have you ever noticed that cats sometimes sound like human babies? That may not be a coincidence. In fact, it’s pretty likely that Fluffy at some point realized that the cuter and more like our infants she sounds, the more likely we are to offer food and care.  


Our feline friends can make about 100 different sounds. (Fido, in comparison, can only make about 10). Most kitty noises are some sort of variation on the meow, which is perhaps best described as an all-purrpose command for food, water, attention, or sometimes a complaint or just a simple greeting. That said, cats also hiss and growl. They also sometimes make clicking noises. This is something you may notice when Fluffy is watching a squirrel or bird, and may have something to do with her changing gears into ‘hunting’ mode.


Our feline overlords actually don’t usually speak to one another. Adult cats normally use facial expression,  body language, and, occasionally, violence, to communicate with each other. They save their chatter for us … and usually when they want to give us orders or complain about something.


Did you know that you can now buy cat translation devices? There are several apps and gadgets for this. One of the most interesting is a set of programmable pads that speak specific words when kitties step on them. As one may suspect, Fluffy’s favorite words seem to include her owner’s name and various terms for food and treats. (Results may vary.)


Even if your kitty doesn’t speak much, she’ll still enjoy and respond to being spoken to. She may flick her tail, blink at you, or even head bonk you to reply. Then again, Fluffy may just ignore you. You just never know with cats!


We can’t discuss kitty vocalizations without touching on the most adorable: the purr. Fluffy’s soothing purr has been relaxing and charming us for years. Keep your furry friend’s little motor going by paying lots of attention to her!

Do you have questions about your cat’s health or care? Contact us, your Jarvis, ON animal clinic, today!

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